Press Release from the E. Government Institute

After an extensive and exhaustive Internet study of web designers, graphic artists and writers available, the E. Government Institute is happy to announce that we have chosen QC’s Web Design & SEO ( to create and manage our presence on the Internet.

Given our Kentucky location, the E. Government Institute knew that Quentin Craft, the owner and operator of QC’s Web Design & SEO would be the ideal man and company to maximize our Louisville SEO and beyond!

Why Is QC’s Web Design & SEO A Good Fit?

 While the E. Government Institute has long served local municipalities, guiding their public relations with local communities, our expansion into other countries beyond the United States means that our activities and our web presence is going to require creation in multiple languages.

We at the E. Government Institute knew that we would be requiring optimization in Louisville SEO and elsewhere, so we have decided to start right from the bottom up by using the proven talents of QC’s Web Design & SEO.

You see, the E. Government Institute knows that QC’s Web Design & SEO is a one-stop shop which consists of a virtual team of talented designers, composers, art directors, advertising geniuses and the like, which work together in a finely orchestrated manner and always achieve great success!

It’s not just for Louisville SEO

QC’s Web Design & SEO has a great reputation working in the Midwest from their position in French Lick, Indiana, making them an especially ideal firm for Louisville SEO.

But they serve companies worldwide.

It is the World Wide Web after all, and so it was natural for the E. Government Institute to reach out for them when they chose to expand their service area internationally.

Good SEO, whether it’s Louisville SEO or international SEO is, in part, dependent on the proper juxtaposition of keywords along with knowing search engine algorithms and obeying the laws that govern permissible search engine practices.

Failure to do so will actually hurt a company’s ranking in the search engines.

A clean and legal design goes a long way to getting you up in the top ten where you really must be to survive. This is how QC’s Web Design & SEO themselves got ranking so high with Louisville SEO and beyond.

Planned Roll-Out For The E. Government Institute

 For our part, the E. Government Institute has brought on several new partners from overseas to conduct business with foreign countries in several languages not the least of which include Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German and Italian.

We also envision a time when we will be spreading out further to the Orient and be requiring fluency in Mandarin, Japanese and other tongues from the Pacific Rim.

It is the plan of QC’s Web Design & SEO to design the new website like it might normally do for Louisville SEO, and then adapt the pages in coordination with the foreign partners to make adjustments for certain foreign rules, regulations or variations in business culture that may need tailoring for those specific regions.

This ambitious project has been allocated a six-month time period for construction.